End-Grain Cutting Boards


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IMG_0344The traditional checkerboard…this end-grain board was made from cherry, maple, and walnut. A simple pattern, but functional. Pattern possibilities are endless, as are wood species. The most commonly used wood species are walnut, cherry, and maple. I routinely use purple heart and birch as well for contrast.  These are all closed-grain hard woods that aren’t “too hard” on your knive’s edges. In addition, end-grain boards are “easier” on your knive’s edges as well. The pattern possibilities are endless, and are determined solely by the width of each individual wood species as they are cut. Finishes include mineral oil/bees wax or butcher block (a harder, food-safe finish that somewhat resembles varnish). These boards are priced at $160.


IMG_0508Transitional in flavor…this end-grain, Chevron-pattern board was made from purple heart, walnut, and maple. Just as functional as the traditional checkerboard pattern, this style lends itself to a “3-dimensional” appearance. Again, pattern appearance is dictated by the width of each wood species when cut and finishes include mineral oil/beeswax or butcher block. These boards are priced at $175.